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About Volunteering

If you provided CVAA with a valid email address during your registration, we created a user account for you on our team website at http://www.cvaajreagles.com


How to Login In and start signing up for jobs: 


Returning Users:

1. First, go to our site at http://www.cvaajreagles.com and sign-in to your account. Next, follow the instructions below under “How to sign up for volunteer positions”. 


New Users: 

1. First, go to our site at http://www.cvaajreagles.com and enter the email address you provided to us at registration into the field that says "User Name / Email" (in the upper right hand corner). Leave the password field blank and then click "Sign In". This will send an email to the address you provided asking you to create your password. 


2. Open the email and click the reset password link it provides. I t will walk you through the process to set up a new password. (Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, contain at least one letter and at least one number, and they ARE Case Sensitive) 


3. Once you have completed this process and provided a new password, you may return to http://www.cvaajreagles.com, and login again, this time provide your new password. 



How To sign up for volunteer positions:

Once you are successfully signed in to the site, you will be taken to a page that should have the title "Family Members" and you will see ONLY your name listed below (you will not see your children listed here). This means your login works and you are ready to sign up for jobs. 


Look in the left hand navigation and find the "Volunteering and Positions" nav item - you will now see and a new page under that called "Job Sign-Ups". Use this page to browse and sign up for job assignments. 


Tips for Using the Job Sign-Ups page: Under the options tab you can click on "Filter Opportunities" to search by game date or keywords. Click on "View your schedule" to see what you have signed up for. 


The status column shows the availability of jobs. 

• "open" = nobody is assigned 

• "x open" = number of jobs needing to be filled 

• "closed" = all jobs filled 


To Sign-Up for a job, just click "sign-up"; a green box will show up showing that you are assigned and the column will show "assigned". 


To un-assign yourself from a job, click "assigned" - then a pink box will show up, click ok and then your name will be removed. 


All jobs will be locked 7 days prior to the event. Please be sure to make any changes ASAP to ensure that we have enough volunteers on game day! 


If you have Questions about the jobs and volunteering in general, please send an email to CVAA's Executive Board at: .


If you have questions or problems with logging in, email addresses or passwords, please send an email CVAA's Executive Board at:  .