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Age and Weight Information

The beauty of Youth Football is that the sport matches up participants not just by their age but also by their size. The age and weight limits are strictly enforced for safety reasons. Players are certified as to their age and weight prior to the start of the season and are then weighed prior to each game to make sure that they still meet weight limits.
East Bay Youth Football & Cheer also allows "Older-Lighters" at the JPW through Varsity levels. These are participants who cannot make the bottom weight of the next division of play. What they lack in size is compensated for with a little extra maturity.

Playing age is defined as the participant's age on July 1, 2023. For new participants an original birth certificate or a certified copy from their county of birth, a passport or green card is required as proof of birth. CVAA is required to turn this in to EBYFC (East Bay Youth Football & Cheer) for "Official Certification" purposes. It will be returned to us in time for the first game of the season. Please note that notarized copies, photocopies etc are not acceptable. If the required proof of age is not submitted a child may not participate in the CVAA program. In rare circumstances, such proof may not be available. If this is the case contact us as soon as possible so that we may consult with the Conference to determine if any other proof is acceptable.

The weight requirements listed below must be met at "Official Weigh-ins" and at the first game of the season. 

FOOTBALL – Age and Weight Limits by Division (max 40 players per Division)
Participant Age:
The age of any participant as of July 1st will be considered qualifying age for the entire season for a division of play, regardless of whether or not the participant has a birthday during the course of the season or any time after July 1st.


2023 Age/Weight Information


* 6 Year Olds with waiver and League Approval. Email EXECUTIVEBOARDCVAA@GMAIL.COM if you have an interested 6 year old.