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Scholar Athlete


East Bay Youth Football & Cheer  - Scholar Athlete Requirements 2015

Any player, Spiritleader, or Junior Coach (this does not include mascots and scouts) who maintains a grade point average of 3.50, out of a possible 4.00, and receives no citizenship marks below satisfactory, during the quarter he/she is participating in youth football/spiritleading, is eligible to apply for the East Bay Youth Football & Cheer Scholar Athlete Award.
At 3.50 G.P.A. is the equivalent to at least half of all grades being A's while no more than half of all grades are B's ( No C's, D's or F's).

Where marks like outstanding, satisfactory, or check marks are used, instead of letter grades, a letter must be submitted on school letterhead from the principal explaining the letter grade equivalent.

Consideration is given to candidates who attend schools where grades are computed on a norm higher than average schools. A letter from the principal is also needed with their package explaining the grading criteria.

Any candidate selected to receive the East Bay Youth Football & Cheer Scholar Athlete Award will receive a Scholar Athlete Plaque and a $25 Gift Card.

All applications must be postmarked by Friday, January 8, 2016.

All application packages must contain the following:

A complete copy of the candidate's first quarter report card.
A one page essay, in the candidate's handwriting, entitled: "Youth Football/Spiritleading Influence on My Life"
A one page autobiography, in the candidate's handwriting, that should include his/her responsibilities around the home, hobbies, special talents, and participation in school, church, community, and other activities outside of youth football and spiritleading.
A letter of recommendation from the candidate's counselor or teacher that clearly states that the candidate is a Top Honor Student. The letter should list the overall G.P.A. and should recommend the candidate for the EBYFC Scholar Award. This letter must be written on school letterhead. (No copies.)
The following information, in the candidate's own handwriting, must be submitted in a format of his/her design: Full Name, Age, Birth date, Height, Weight, Place of Birth, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Grade, Team City, Team Name, Division, Positions Played, Number of Years in the Organization, and finally the Candidate's Signature.
A picture of the candidate in his/her uniform.
This material must be submitted in binder form, attached in a 3 ring folder. (This is a report folder with metal prongs.)
The candidate must be present at the awards ceremony to complete the requirement if he/she is chosen.
Failure to follow any of the above instructions will result in disqualification. All material submitted to EBYFC becomes the sole property of EBYFC and will not be returned.

Packages must be mailed to CVAA Staff, P.O. Box 769, Clayton, California 94517. NO Packages will be accepted any other way.

If you have any questions on this procedure, contact your city scholar athlete official.

Contact your City President for more information.